Ashley Twomey


Ashley Twomey

[email protected]

Model, Actress, Makeup Artist


Height: 5'7"

Dress/shirt Size: small/2

Pant size: 26/2


waist: 27"

Hips: 33"

Bust: 32”

Cup: DD

Shoe: 6, 6.5

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Current Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Location: Orange County/LosAngeles/San Diego/Las Vegas


Feaured Role "Ring Girl" in Rusty Tulloch-Movie 2018

Featured Role "Tackles Waitress/Grand opening girl" in Major Crimes 2017

Lead Actress in Cream Puff video Advertisements 2017

Lead Actress "soccer mom" on Eye Q's Commercial 2016

Featured Role- "On Stage Trophy Handler" for the Grammys on New upcoming Tv Series, Feud, for FX TV 2016

Lead Actress for Well Deserved Vacation You Tube Videos 2016

Featured Role- “Escort” For Ray Donovan on Showtime 2016

Lead Role as “Becky” in Bino Music Video 2016

Lead Actress Role “Wife” in Lucky Tackle Box NationalCommercial 2016

Featured Role as a "Super Model" on CBS Show Grandfathered season 1

Featured Lead Role in E40 Beer Commercial 2015

Featured Role as a Demonstrator of Slimming Skirt- Info Commercial 2015

Featured Lead Role as a Rat Queen, Scuba Diver, and Shopping Woman in Disney XD's Pickle and Peanut Series 2015

Featured Extra in Heinikin Beer Commercial 2015

Lead Actress in Canadian Featured Dating Commercial 2015

Lead actress in KMC wheels commercial 2015

Featured "Club worker" on ABC new series Wicked City 2015

Featured reoccurring role on the simple pick up you tube series 2015

Lead Athlete in for Simpli Flow Chart-Iphone ap Commercial 2015

Lead Temptress Role for The Real Gue Music Video Shoot

 Lead Girl Role for Baeza's Music Video Shoot "Living it Up"

Featured Role- Sexy Cocktail Waitress in Hit Show-It's Always Sunny In PA 2015

Featured Lead Role in King Bach's You Tube and Vine Video 2015

Lead Model/Actress for DRAIS nightclub Videoclip Ad-Vegas 2014

Lead Spokes Model and Actress in Rhondo’s vape Commercial for 2014

Featured Mermaid-  in ABC’s New Series “About a Boy” 2013

Spokes Model/Umbrella Girl for Achilles Tire Formula Drift Final Fight-Televised Event for ESPN 2013

Lead Girlfriend Role in Charlie Cb “How you feeling” music video 2013

Featured Playboy Bunny for Playboy TV Lingerie Shoot 2013

Featured Lead Girl Role in An Advertising movie for The Left Shoe Company 2013

Lead Party Girl in Music Video for Dj Blend 2013

Featured party goer in Bruno Mar’s “Locked out ofHeaven” Music Video 2012

Featured Role party girl In Sean Kingston/Prince Malik "I'm here to drink"Music Video 2012


Print Model for KandyShop Bikinis 2018

Print Model for Mack for Men Hair Products 2018

Print Model for Tomax USA 2017-2018

Print Model for Venstar Calendar 2018

Print Model for Crown Performance Products Calendar 2018

Print Model for Wheels and Heels Calendar 2018

Print Model for Vogue wigs Catalogue 2017-2018

Print Model for soltech_plus ads 2017

Print Model for Luxetees 2017

Print Model for Advanced Nutrients Ads

Print Model for Ami clubwear 2017

Print Model for Magnaflow 2017

Print Model for Vesso 2017

Print Model for KandyShop Bikinis 2017

Print Campaign Model for Pelagic Gear 2017

Print Model for Vape Brand-Cream Puff factory 2017 ads

Cover Model for Rukus Magazine 2017

Print Model for Ruthless Calendar 2017

Published Print Model for Skyn Magazine 2017

Print Model for Dsport Magazine Calendar 2017

Print Model for Magnaflow 2016

Print Model for Ethos Vaping Ads 2016

Print Model for Xbar Fitness 2016

Print Model for Immerse Swimwear 2016 Advertisments

Print Model for Aerusi Online Catalog 2016

Print Model For Nikon Croquet Shoot 2016

Print Model for Caddy Angels Advertisements 2016

Cover Model for International Magazine- Auto World Nov/Dec 2015-

Catalog and Magazine Model for Lucy's Lashes- Print Campaigne 2016

Print Model for Halloween Costume Line 2015

Calendar Model for DreamGirls Calendar 2016

Calendar Model for Wheels and Heels Magazine 2016-January Feature

Poster Model for Spec D tuning Sema Posters 2015

Print Model for Oh my Dress! Online catalog 2015

Print Model for Pink Label 2015 ads

Cover Model for Hot Bike Magazine October Issue for 2015

Poster Model for Continental Tire 2015

Print and Spokes Model for Council of Vape 2015 Products and Web Ads

Print Model for WannaB Fashion Photoshoots 2015

Print Model for Lolli Coutour 2015-2016 Ads

Print Model for LAFASHION MAGAZINE 2015

Cover Model for Wheels and Heels Magazine 2015 Issue #26

Print model for Erathr3 2014

Cover Model for EL Troquero Newspaper 2014

Print Model for UrbanOG’s Online Catalogues 2011-2016

Print Model for Metal Mulisha Maiden Advertisements for their 2014 Spring Line

Winner of Metal Mulisha Maiden Contest also featured on Maiden of the Month Halloween Advertisements 2013

Print Model for 9FIVE sunglass site for online and paper catalog for girls division 2013

Print Model for Adidas Original T-Shirt/Apparel 2013

Print Model for Young and Reckless Apparel 2013

Print Model for Hot Topic-featured on advertisements and on posters world wide 2010-2012

Print Model for Hot Topic-Lady Gaga-packaging, landing pages, and posters within store 2011

Print Model on Carey Hart's, Hart and Huntington Clothing Website 2011

Print Model on Justin Bieber's Myspace advertisements for Bieber's new apparel 2011

Print Model for All Time Low's Myspace advertisements for All time Low's new apparel 2011

Print Model for Fabbled swimwear by Barrie 2011

Print Model for Beats by Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga Headphones ad 2011

Print Model for Rakish Belle Collection. 2011

Print Model for 2009-2010 Jettribe Catalogs. 2010

Promotional/Spokes Modeling Experience

Ring Girl for WOW SuperHeros 2017

Trophy/Podium Model for Nascar at the Irwindale Speedway 2017

Promotional Model for Flex Plus Pak at the Pack Expo 2017

Promotional Model for Klutch Wheels at the OFF ROAD EXPO 2017

Miss Magnaflow at Sema 2017

Promotional Model for Xtane at the MJBIZ Con 2017

Promotional/Podium Model for PJ1 for Endurocross 2017

Promotional Model for Al n Eds for the La Auto Show 2017

Promotional Model for LA Sneaker Pop Up 2017

Tecate Ring Girl 2017

Promotional Model for Heinikin at Coachella 2017

Promotional Model for De Les Madres 2017

Promotional Model for Uncles Matt's Organic at Expo West2017

Brand Specialist for Ameri Fuel- Convention tour 2017

Promotional Model for ISSE 2017

Product Specialist/ Host for World of Concrete 2017

Promotional Costume Model for the Special Event 2017 

Promotional Model for Electric Cloud at Dynatrace 2017

Promotional Model for Hyandui Mobis at Ces 2017

Promotional Red Carpet Models for HBO Boxing Fight 2016

Promo Model for Savini Wheels at the La Auto Show 2016

Promo Model for DUB Magazine at the La Auto Show 2016

Promo Model for Dodge at the Anaheim Mecum Auction 2016

Spokesmodel "Miss Magnaflow" at Sema 2016 and future events

Promo Model for Appsphere 2016

Promo Model for Des Ma Dre Tequila for Newport Beach Lido Island opening

Promo model for Amerifuel for Trucking Convention Tour 2016-2017

Promo model for Xtane at High Times 2016

Continental Tire Model for the New Tire Release Conference 2016

Ring Girl for Tecate 2016-2017

Promo model for DrivingLine at Nitto Tires Auto Enthusiast Day 2016

Spokes Model and Promotional Model for Pelagic Gear 2016

Spokes/Promo Model for Jiffy Lube at Monster Jam 2016

Spokes model for Internext convention LV with Alicex 2016

Spokes model for the outdoor channel and outdoor sports group for shot show convention LV 2016

Spokes model for Altec Lansing at ces convention LV 2016

Spokes model for RCH racing a1 supercross 2016

Harley Davidson promo model Huntington Beach events2016

Promo model-host-dancer for Las Vegas Bellagio nye event 2015-2016

Spokes Model for HillBillyHooch Alcohol 2015

Promo Model for Space Jam- Vape Line 2015

Spokes/Promo Model for Al and Eds Auto Sound at the 2015 La Auto Show

Poster Model/Spokes Model For Spec D Tuning at the Sema Auto Show 2015

Promotional model for Don Q At the save the water charity event-pelican hill 2015

Brand Ambassador for Axiomtek for G2E convention 2015

Spokes model for tuning technologies for Subaru / subiefest 2015

Promotional model for Orien solar technology for the Anaheim solar convention 2015

Promotional model at the Ducks charity golf tournament in Oc, CA 2015

Foot/fit Model for Steve Madden at the Magic Convention Las Vegas 2015

Spokes/Promo model for Wud at ECC convention in Pomona Ca 2015

Poster/spokes model for Gear Alloy at the auto enthusiast event Anaheim Ca 2015

Spokes Model/BA for Bandai and Namco Games at Evo in Las Vegas 2015

Promotional Model for E3 event Warner Brothers 2015

Spokes Model for Evan Paul Motor Sports 2015

Spokes Model/BA for American Anchor- Fall protection Building Hardware 2015

Spokes Model and Host for Staged Event for the Medical Worlds Soccor Tournament 2015

Spokes Model/Print Model for The Council of Vape 2015 Toured Vape Conventions

Spokes/Poster Model for Continental Tire at 2015 Toured Auto Shows

Spokes/Promo Model for Klassen Wheels at Bimmerfest 2015

Podium Model/Umbrella Girl for Continental Tire at the Long Beach Grand Prix 2015

Spokes Model/Umbrella Girl for Exedy at the Formula Drift Long Beach Event 2015

Spokes Model/Poster Model for Spec D Tuning 2015

Spokesmodel for K2 motors 2014-2015

Model/Fitmodel for Steve Madden at Magic Convention in Las Vegas 2014

Spokes Model for all of WestCoast Chill’s-energy drink Supercross After parties’ 2014- also the face of their energy drink.

Spokes Model for Coolermaster at CES 2014

Spokes Model/Product Specialist for Samsung’s CES opening Party 2014

Spokes Model for Saleen Cars at the LA Auto show 2013

Spokes Model for 2crave wheels at Sema in 2013

Spokes Model/Umbrella Girl for Achilles Tire Formula Drift Final Fight 2013

Promotional Model for China/Us Investment Expo Televised Event 2013

Spokes Model for Rhondo and BizzyP Advertisements/Expos 2013-2014

Fit Shoe model at Magic Convention- Las Vegas for Two Lips Shoes 2013

Spokes model for West Coast Chill-work events and worked at Playboy Jazz Festival 2013

Redbull Promotional Model at X Fighters Televised event 2013

Fit Model for Cult of Individuality for Magic Convention in Las Vegas 2013

VonDutch Promotional Model for Grand Opening Party 2010

Promotional Model for jet tribe at Magic Convention in Las Vegas 2010