Ashley Twomey

Tradeshow Experience

Promo Model for Shoals for Inter Solar 2020

Promotions/Marketing for Avion Tech at the Hai Heli Expo 2020

Promotional Model for CAAA for the Matloff Company 2020

Promotional Model for CBD Lab Zone and Cannelle at Las Vegas 2019

Promotional Model for Vitabrid C12 at the Cosmoprof Convention 2019

Promo Model for Winsystems at G2E convention las vegas 2019

Promo Model for Fresco at the Produce Show OC 2019

Promo Model for Elite at the MWC Convention LA 2019

Promotional Model at the E3 Expo for Shacknews 2019

Poster and Promo Model for Kg Cutoms Oc Auto Show 2019

Promo Model for Flex Plus Pak SuperZoo Pet Show 2019

Promotional Model at the FitExpo for FitBoxr 2019

Promotional Model at the Natural Food Expo with Flex Plus Pak 2019

Presenter and Product Specialist for Kia Motors 2018-2019

Spokes Model for Vp Racing Fules/Lubricants 2018-2019

Promotional Model for Magnaflow-Miss Magnaflow 2017-2019

Promotional Model for Natural Product Expo for Re:Juice 2018

Promotional Model for RTE at the WPMA Show 2018

Promotional Model for Sandpiper at The Shot Show 2018

Promotional Model for LA Fit Expo 2018

Promotional Model for Flex Plus Pak at the Pack Expo 2018

Promotional Model for Uncles Matt's Organic at Expo West 2017

Brand Specialist for Ameri Fuel- Convention tour 2017

Promotional Model for ISSE 2017

Promotional Model for Eletric cloud at Dynatrace 2017

Product Specialist/ Host for World of Concrete 2017

Promotional Costume Model for the Special Event 2017

Hostess/Promotional Model for Hyundai Mobis at Ces 2017

Spokes Model for Kilo at ECC 2016

Lead generater for electric cloud at APPSPHERE 2016

Promo model for California trucking show for amerifuel 2016

Spokesmodel for Magnaflow at Sema 2016

Promo Model for Annual Partners Conference 2016

Promo model for Concrete Convention for Procrete Resources 2016

BA for Context Summits 2016

Promo model for Pacific Oil Conference for Brand RTE 2016

BA for Coho Data for Vm World Las Vegas 2016

Fit Model at WWC Las Vegas 2016

Lucky Chloe- Tekken 7 Video Game Character for E3 andGame tour 2016-2017

Miss MagnaFlow/Spokes Model for MagnaFlow at Auto Shows 2016-2017

Spokes Model for Centurion Realty LLC for Recon Show2016

Spokes Model for Elite at the Led Lighting Show –SanDiego 2016

PromoModel for 2crave at the Long Beach Toyota Fest 2016

SpokesModel for Klutch Wheels for Auto Recon 2016

PromoModel for Elite Lighting At San Diego LED Convention 2016

Spokes/PromoModel for Teaz Vodka for WSWA 2016

BrandAmbassador for Toyota at the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix 2016

Product Specialist for Mercedes AutoShow Tour 2016

Spokes model for Fishing Brand Pelagicat the Lb Fisherman Convention 2016

Spokes model for Internext conventionLV with Alicex 2016

Spokes model for the outdoor channeland outdoor sports group for shot show convention LV 2016

Spokes model for Altec Lansing at cesconvention LV 2016

Spokes/Promo Model for Al and Eds AutoSound at the 2015 La Auto Show

Poster Model/Spokes Model For Spec DTuning at the Sema Auto Show 2015

Brand Ambassador for Mazda- SelectAuto Events 2015

Brand Ambassador for Toyota at theAnaheim Auto Show 2015

Brand Ambassador for Axiomtek for G2Econvention 2015

Promotional model for Orien solartechnology for the Anaheim solar convention 2015

Foot/fit Model for Steve Madden at theMagic Convention Las Vegas 2015

Spokes/Promo model for Wud at ECCconvention in Pomona Ca 2015

Spokes Model/BA for Bandai and NamcoGames at Evo in Las Vegas 2015

Promotional Model for E3 event WarnerBrothers 2015

Spokes Model/BA for American Anchor-Fall protection Building Hardware 2015

Spokes Model and Host for Staged Eventfor the Medical Worlds Soccor Tournament 2015

Spokes Model/Print Model for TheCouncil of Vape 2015 Toured Vape Conventions

Spokes/Poster Model for ContinentalTire at 2015 Toured Auto Shows

Model/Fit model for Steve Madden atMagic Convention in Las Vegas 2014

Spokes Model for Coolermaster at CES2014

Spokes Model for Saleen Cars at the LAAuto show 2013

Spokes Model for 2crave wheels at Semain 2013

Spokes Model for Rhondo and BizzyPAdvertisements/Expos 2013-2014

Fit Shoe model at Magic Convention-Las Vegas for Two Lips Shoes 2013

Fit Model for Cult of Individualityfor Magic Convention in Las Vegas 2013

Promotional Model for jet tribe atMagic Convention in Las Vegas 2010

References available upon request.

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